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A great smile makes a lasting impression, but it is not just the colour of your teeth that makes a great smile. Teeth length and form affected by your gums are just as important in sculpting the perfect smile.

A 1998 survey sponsored by the American Dental Association and Oral-B Laboratories found that more than half the people interviewed said a smile is the first thing they notice about other people. The American Academy of Periodontology consumer survey in 2001 also noted that 1 in 4 consumers say their smile’s biggest flaw is either that it is too gummy or their teeth appear too long.

Besides treating gum disease to ensure a healthy mouth, a periodontist can also perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures for people insecure about smiling in front of others. More people are turning to cosmetic surgery to help them age gracefully.

Periodontal plastic surgery is no exception as it can help one look years younger. A recent poll of 253 consumers conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology found that respondents were seven times more likely to have periodontal & smile enhancement procedures than face-lifts. Smile enhancement procedures outnumbered eyelid surgeries five to one.

However, it is not just about having a pretty smile. A healthy smile is important too. It is thus essential that you visit your regular dentist every six months to keep your gums and teeth in tiptop condition. The periodontist will ensure that your gums are healthy before embarking on any periodontal cosmetic procedure.  With the advent of new techniques and technology, you can now feel secure about smiling for the camera.

Crown lengthening

Some patients complain of a gummy smile, where the teeth appear too short and the gums appear to cover too much of the teeth. A crown lengthening procedure may be done where gums and possibly bone are removed to lengthen the teeth to the correct height. Uneven gum margins are also corrected to improve symmetry and enhance facial features

Root coverage procedures

Others have a different problem. You might have noticed that you are getting “long in the tooth” due to gum recession. There are many causes of gum recession, including trauma from over brushing and gum disease. Whatever the reason, gum recession that leave roots exposed make you look older than you really are and makes teeth appear more yellow.

Periodontists can cover the recession defects by doing soft tissue grafting. Most of the time, soft tissue is harvested from the roof of the mouth (donor site) and transplanted to the site with recession defects (recipient site). With the right indications and if the cause of gum recession is corrected, root coverage procedures are extremely stable and will last a lifetime.

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